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Beginners Guide To Unreal Engine

Create An FPS Zombie Horde Game In Unreal Engine

Create Your First MOBA Game With Unity

Unity Game Development: Make Professional 3D Games

The Complete Guide To Unity

Unity Game Development: Create A 3D Shooter And 3D Platfomer Game
The Hyper Casual Game Development Course With Unity

Create Your Own 2D Pixel Art Game Assets With Krita

Master Unity Mobile Game Development By Building 6 Fully Featured Games From Scratch
Unity Job Interview Questions And Answers

Create A 3D Infinite Runner Game In Unreal Engine

Mastering GoDot Game Engine

Create Old Arcade Games With Unity Game Engine

Unity Mobile Game Development: From Master To Pro
Create Your First RPG And FPS Multiplayer Game In Unity
Unity Mini Projects An Assignments

The Complete Unity Developer Course

Blender: From Beginner To Intermediate Step By Step Guide
Ultimate Guide To Lego Digital Designer
The Complete Game Maker Course: Learn How To Make Games In Game Maker Studio
Create A Low Poly Sword In Blender
3D Game Development With GoDot Game Engine
Time Quantum - A Game Where Time Moves When You Don't
Create A Sky Island In Blender
Create A Pool Table In Blender
Learn How To Create Props For Your Games With Blender
Create An Intergalactic Space Shooter With C++ And Unreal Engine
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What You Will Learn
Learn To Make Games In Unity Game Engine
  Make 2D And 3D Games In Unity
  Learn C# a powerful modern language
  Learn how to use Unity's tools to create stunning games
  Create mobile and pc games
Learn To Make Games In Unreal Engine
  Use Blueprints And C++ To Create Stunning Games
  Learn How To Use Unreal’s Tools To Create Games
  Understand How Game Development Process Works In Unreal Engine
  Create Cross Platform Games
Learn To Make Games In GoDot Game Engine
  Understand the ins and outs of GoDot Engine
  Learn how game development process works in GoDot
  Master good coding and design patterns in GoDot
  Understand how to use a powerful game engine with a bright future
Learn To Make Games In Game Maker Studio
  Learn How To Use GML (Game Maker Language) And DND (Drag And Drop) To Create Games
  Create Stunning 2D Games
  Understand How Game Development Process Works In Game Maker Studio
  Create Cross Platform Games
Learn To Create 3D Game Assets In Blender
  Learn How To Create Your Own 3D Games Assets
  Understand How To Rig And Animate Your Characters
  Create 3D Environments For Your Games
  Make Props, Collectable Items And Weapons For Your Games
Learn To Create 2D Game Assets In Krita
  Learn How To Create Your Own 2D Game Assets
  Understand How To Draw Concept Art For Your Games
  Use Krita’s Powerful Tools To Draw Prototypes Of Your Games
  Master One Of The Most Powerful Tools Available Online For Creating 2D Art
Create Your Game Design Blueprint
  Discover The Sid Meier's method for designing cool games
  Build a foundation for game design and game development that will help you build your own games
  Gain an understanding of the game development process
  Learn the powerful mindset of successful game designers
Code In C# - From Beginner To Pro
  "No Fluff, No Boredom" lessons that get right to the point and keep you speeding ahead in your C# programming skills
  Develop highly transferable coding problem solving skills
  Master good coding and design patterns
  Understand how to create game logic and functionality
Code In C++ - From Beginner To Pro
  Fun And Engaging Lessons To Help You Learn How To Code In C++
  Master The Best Programming Language For Game Development
  Develop Problem Solving Skills
  Understand How To Use Powerful Features C++ Has To Offer
Mobile And PC Game Development
  Learn how to create and optimize your games for mobile and PC devices
  Optimize your sprites and 3D models to get the best performance on mobile
  Write cross platform code that will work on mobile and PC devices
  Export and play your game on mobile and PC
Create Stunning MOBA Games
  Learn the Simple Steps for creating a badass game characters (so easy my 72 year old grandma could do it)
  Build core combat mechanics for melee and ranged attacks
  Understand fundamental game AI concepts like navigation and pathfinding
  Understand how to create game logic and functionality
Create Multiplayer Games
  Understand how networking and game development work together
  Send and receive game data online
  How to write C# code to dynamically control user interaction over the network
  Play the game via local LAN or with anyone else in the world via internet 
Create RPG Games
  Play your game with multiple characters
  Learn how to equip weapons on any character to use in your games
  Animate multiple characters in less time with animation re-targeting
  Master the techniques for creating your own complex AAA quality effects for your games
  Create and travel to multiple worlds in your game
Create 2D Infinite Runner Games
  Dynamically generate obstacles in your levels
  Make your game feel alive with a cool secret technique from the best game developers in the industry
  Use procedural level generation to build game levels in your game
  How to "pimp up" your game with shiny UI elements that makes it irresistible to play for anyone
Create 3D Infinite Runners
  Use object pooling to generate levels in your game
  Create enemies and obstacles while you progress in your game
  Learn how to balance players stats via code and show them to the player using UI elements
  Play sounds and music in your game to create an amazing atmosphere you always enjoy in games
Create 2D Platformer Games
  Learn how to work, animate, and code the behavior of 2D sprites in Unity
  Understand Unity core concepts such as game objects, components, and scenes
  Create a 2D boss with AI behaviour
  Learn how to reuse game objects to save performance and memory
Create 3D Platformer Games
  Learn advanced game project management and code architecture strategies
  Discover workflow tips to speed up the development of your games
  Learn simple techniques that will optimize your games
  Build a system to control game states 
Create Stunning Particle FX
  Learn how to use Unity's Shuriken particle system to create stunning particle fx
  Create cool shooting effects as well as magic attack effects using the particle system
  Master the techniques to create your own AAA quality FX for your games
  Make amazing explosion, blood, special attack and other effects 
Camera Animations And Cutscenes
  Learn how to create movie scenes using the camera
  Trigger animations with events
  Control the execution order of animations with code
  How to use and switch between multiple cameras
  Use Cinemachine to create camera animations and cut scenes
Light Effects And Mood
  Use Unity's lighting system to create mood in your games
  Learn how to bake lights to save performance on mobile devices
  Switch between day and night mode
  Combine different kind of lights to create stunning effects in your game
From Beginner To Pro Game Developer
  Gain transferable coding skills that you can use in game development as well app and desktop development
  Learn how to break down a problem into a set of smaller steps to be solved one at a time
  Build a foundation for game design and game development that will help you build your own games
  Learn simple ways to generate endless game ideas
Every Month You Get New Content
When you enroll in the academy you will get unlimited access to all videos and exercises, but that is not all. You will also have access to every new course that will be added to the academy. And you can expect to have new courses every month. Here is a sneak peak of some of the games that you will create inside of the Ultimate Game Development Academy, and yes you will learn how to create every single one of these games from scratch, plus more
World Class Support
I know better than anyone how hard game development can be when you don't have somebody to ask for help. That's why in my courses you will benefit from my world class support.

Anything that is not clear or you stumbled upon a problem following the course, and you don't know how to solve it, you can ask a question on the platform directly below the video where you encountered the problem, you can send me an email or message me on Facebook. 

I personally review and answer all your questions, and my response time is 24 hours maximum, often I respond in a couple of hours and sometimes even minutes. Please note this response time is during work days.
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When you enroll in the academy, you are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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What My Students Have To Say
Chris McAuley
After taking Awesome Tuts course, Chris got a job in a game studio and has opened his own indie studio. He has also worked for Digiplay releasing 3 games on the platform, and now works as a game developer for Utomik, a European subscription based platform with ties to Microsoft, Warner Bros and Disney and all that thanks to Awesome Tuts
Charles Olmstead
Charles started out with Awesome Tuts as a complete beginner. After master game development he was able to get a job in a game studio and switch careers. For all those who think they can't work in the game development industry watch Charles video and see that you only need skills to get hired
Rishab learned how to make games with Awesome Tuts and got a job in a game studio afterward. In that game studio, he worked with an animation artist who did animations for the first Harry Potter movie and together they created a game that got over 6 million downloads
Fraz J Qaiser
Fraz is a software engineer who wanted to learn how to make games. Not only did he made his wish come true with the help of Awesome Tuts, but he now works as a freelance game developer from the comfort of his home
Nikhil Jain
Nikhil is a college student who took Awesome Tuts game development courses. Not only he was able to learn how to make games, but he got a job to create simulations using Unity, and he is also hosting workshops in his college to teach other students how to make games
Renan Politano
Renan learned how to make games with the help from Awesome Tuts courses, and he created a really cool multiplayer game that he has published on steam
Gage Hembach
Struggling to find resources online to learn how to make games, Gage discovered Awesome Tuts YouTube channel and courses. After going through the learning material that Awesome Tuts has to offer, he did not only learned how to make games, but he is working on his own survival horror game
Abhishek Verma
We all are dreaming about creating our own game. Abishek did not only achieve that, but he is creating games for his kids, which will definitely get him the father of the year title. And all this with the help from Awesome Tuts
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